Hint fiction

Hint Fiction Don Russell  10/11/17

Hint Fiction is a story of 25 words or fewer which suggests a larger more complex story


John pulled his aged haversack from the trunk. The sun blessed his back as he locked up. The road was calling to scratch his feet.


The hurricane snarled and roared above as we cowered powerless. The wall ripped like newspaper. Wind pushing our breath back into our lungs.

Soldier’s Return

The cottage remained, holding my history. My father stood, his pipes shrilled the glen as they welcomed my tired body home. We shared tears.

Late Delivery

The postman’s shadow brushed passed the window. The letterbox clicked. I recognised the writing. Birthday was yesterday. But I knew he wouldn’t forget.

Second Coming

It’s getting messy down below. I think I may need to leave Dad up here alone looking after the office for a while again.


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